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Dave Z Was Right

As they say a broker clock is right twice a day...     Just kiddin!!!   

Good catch Dave, thought of you as I reread this column on the Worcester Business Journal.      In particular this line:

 A sudden recession has called into question the shorter-term viability of those buildings or an office building  slated to be a landmark of sorts for Polar Park beyond the left field wall. Concrete has been poured for underground parking, but the office building will not be built for opening day as envisioned. Plans now call for capping the underground garage and building the office building later.

We missed this, until Dave pointed it out...    
 How about this line:

"Until we have a new plan, that's our plan," said Janet Marie Smith, a prominent ballpark architect who is acting as a consultant on the $132-million project.

Does this mean we are working on a new plan???     



Anonymous said…
Yes. We are working on a new plan: taxpayers will foot the bill. Get ready for wealthy residents to high tail it out of Worcester. That's the plan.