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Polar Park Gets Mention In Field Of Schemes Blog

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 The pandemic has Worcester worrying that it won’t be able to cash in on a tax windfall from building a new stadium to lure the Pawtucket Red Sox to town. The good news: There was never going to be a cash windfall in the first place! The bad news: That isn’t very good, as news goes.

We continue to ask the following questions:

  1. When will we have private development agreements with Madison?
  2. When will we own the land where the park is being built?
  3. When will we have a signed lease with the PawSox?
  4. Now that we will not have he 90 million of Private Investments (Phase 1)  buy January of 2021, what will this project cost the taxpayers?

Maybe we should have Zimbalist run a new forecast based on the current situation??

  • No 90 million dollars of Phase 1 private investments completed by January of 2021
  • Most likely no PawSox next year, April 2021
  • What effect will covid have on attendance and corresponding revenue projections