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Ballpark Lease To Be Finalized???

Many times here we have asked what the penalties would if the park was not ready by April of 2021.    These details should be in the lease....  Where is the lease???

Today looking at the agenda from the Finance Committee agenda item 4a) there was this attachment, which we will post about later and the very last line:

"pursuant to a ballpark lease that is in the process of being finalized."

Although this was from last June, as far as we can tell there still is no signed lease one year later!   
Think about it!!  
How can you execute a lease, if you do not own the land? 
No signed lease with the PawSox??
No private development agreements with Madison??   

Recently the City Council asked the Auditor to update his report from last year based on the recent developments from Madison.   We look forward to seeing this.