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Polar Park Questions: Question 5 Answers That Taxpayers Need

We have read comments like "In Ed we trust" or "We like the vibe".      We agree with both of these comments, but business is business.  Is it not?   Especially when you are talking about $130,000,000 of taxpayer monies that we the taxpayers of Worcester will have to pay back?

Here are some basic questions that we would like to see answered:

  1. Do we own the land where Polar Park is being built??  If we do not, where do we seeing this happening....
  2. Do we have any private developer "agreements"  with the Phase I developer of $90 million dollars of private investments that were suppose to be completed by January of 2021?  Not unenforceable memorandums of understanding...    
  3. Do we have a lease with the PawSox for the park itself.  If we do, can we see it to see the penalties if the park is not completed by April of 2021.
  4. What are the projected cost over-runs for this year?
  5. This is a tough one and depends on the answers above    But if we do not own the land how are we able able to invest all these tax-monies into this project????    

Whatever you think of Polar Park, would you not want answers to these questions????    Lets hope we gat some answers to these questions.