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If Polar Park Is Not Ready For Next Spring

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We have mentioned many time about the private projects that need to be developed in order to make the numbers work.   For today lets switch the subject to whether or not the park will be ready for opening day next year.

Check out the initial agreement that was turned into City Council and page 22:

26. Remedies of the The City' s covenant to have the Ballpark ready and available for the Team' s Parties use no later than the Beneficial Occupancy Deadline is of the utmost importance to the Team. The Lease will contain remedies: ( i) for the Team, including liquidated damages acceptable to the Team, in the event the Beneficial Occupancy Deadline is not met; and( ii) for the Parties in the event of a breach of the Lease.

April, 2021 is less than one year away.   Exactly how much are these remedies???


Anonymous said…
I'm going to bet that there is a Force Majeur clause in the agreement that could provide some relief to the city given the declared state of emergency