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Worcester Airport Loads October, 2018 Thru September , 2019

We will not make any comments today.
Saturday or Sunday, we will weigh in.

Molly and everyone else who calls facts being negative.
What do you think of these numbers???

Thought we had 80% loads with American and Delta???   
Wonder if Andy Davis will comment on this??   

** Please note this was only about 2 months of Delta service


Dylan said…
Should also be noted that very early on to Delta beginning we were lead to believe loads were 75%. Looks pretty premature now - what a massive mistake flying to Detroit over Atlanta is looking to be. Stats provided by aviationdb.
Common Sense said…
I really don't know much about the economics of airlines. Maybe you guys can tell me if they’re making money with these load factors? I'm still confused about the JFK flights. I don't know how you can't get 100% loads on their small plane. I don't think there is anywhere in the world you can't get to from JFK. I know Massport kicked in $300,000 for marketing recently, but it doesn't seem like it's made a noticeable difference. I don't think any of these flights will be cancelled (due to pressure from Massport). What will happen is that these airlines won't add any new flights (leaving us stuck with 5 flights per day). I keep hearing from Mr. Davis and Massport that they're getting calls from other airlines about starting service here. Where are they? Mr. Davis needs to go. He claims he got blindsided when AA cut back service (should have been talking to them once per week). Then they had two major security breaches at ORH. A total incompetent fool.
Dylan said…
There is no way these airlines are making money on any of these flights, especially the two regionals. Break even load factor is higher for them considering the smaller capacity but typically 2-3 successful flights a day will provide some consistent profits. At ORH, even if the flight is completely full every day, it is hard to see them making any money considering the cost of operating the flight versus the small capacity bringing in money (it's pretty much a glorified coach bus). AA has less than a year before their funding for starting service completely goes away and they are operating entirely on their own. Agreed completely - first telling us JetBlue is happy with 40 percent load factors so they are happy and then not knowing about a reduction in service is unfathomable from anyone in management actually looking for success.
Anonymous said…
Success is getting more gates at Logan, which JetBlue and Delta are doing. Part of the price is flying at ORH. It must be worth it.

Unfortunately for central Mass residents, many of these flights are at the wrong times. Its nice that the flights to FL are being moved back to an am departure. That will definitely boost the flights. The way they are now, you have to pay for an extra hotel stay because you arrive in the evening. That sends me to BOS or PVD most times, and BOS is often cheaper.

The need for a second flight to JFK is real. Coming back at 11 pm is a killer, and having only one option if you are connecting thru JFK from somewhere else and you get delayed leaves you zero options. We could be doing this right instead of just appeasing MassPort to get gates at BOS.