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JetBlue Should Utilize ORH To Meet It's Goal To Be Carbon Neutral

Flight shaming??   Never heard of it until last week, here is one section from a Skift column:

The flight shaming movement began in earnest in Scandinavia last year and was further highlighted when teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg sailed across the Atlantic to bring attention to the issue. Activists believe that more travelers should opt for alternative forms of transportation to air travel in order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft.

Nothing to take serious, right??  Wrong!!!   

JetBlue is taking this threat very serious.   Last week JetBlue had their quarterly sales call and their CEO Robin Hayes has increased efforts to make JetBlue the first airline to be carbon neutral this year!! 

Some of the efforts to achieve this goal include:
  • Powering some of its flights from San Francisco partially with biofuels.
  • The carrier is taking delivery of more fuel-efficient jets, including Airbus A321 Neos and Airbus A220s. The newer A320-family jets are up to 15 percent more fuel efficient than the older A320-family aircraft.
How about carbon footprint that JetBlue creates with people being stuck in traffic trying to get to Logan???   JetBlue is getting close, or may have passed, their goal of 200 daily departures out of Boston.  Recently we have also been reading about JetBlue to have 15 daily flights to DCA and 10 daily flights to LaGuardia.   In other words, it is only increasing.... 

Meanwhile this past summer, Boston Globe Spotlight team had a great expose on Boston traffic and how it has reached a "tipping point".  If you have been to Boston lately, you know exactly how bad traffic is in Boston right now.     It has passed the "tipping point".

Remember when the idea of the Olympics were floated for Boston?     It was defeated,  meanwhile airlines keep proposing more and more flights to Logan airport.   What is the difference????

Imagine if JetBlue set a goal of 20 flights per day out of Worcester to reduce their carbon footprint in Boston???
  • 2/3 flights per day to JFK
  • 2 Flights per day to DC
  • 15 direct flights to leisure destinations
It would be a great move for JetBlue, as they face increased competition from Delta and American at Logan, to expand in an airport owned by Massport that is intended to provide relief for Logan airport and the people living in and around Boston.  




Anonymous said…
Add Atlanta and Chicago
molly said…
the sat delta flight has been gone for a long time
Jan said…
I live right down the street from Worcester Airport and it would be so easy and convenient to leave from there. Due to their schedules on their flights I am going to Logan Airport, because they have some choices in the times their flights leave. Worcester flight to Florida doesn't leave until 5PM and you get to Orlando at 8PM - the whole day is wasted.
Logan I leave in morning and get there in the morning.
I bet a lot of other customers hate the Worcester flight schedules too!