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College Contest Good Start, But We Need $99 Roundtrip To BYC For Students

This is good start, but we need to get even more aggressive when NYC loads are under 50%.     We are averaging over 50 empty seats each way on the JetBlue NYC flight!!!  Flights less then half full are ended!!!   

What about student go home, visit your parents for the week-end.   Sell tickets round trip for $99 to all college students?    At this price students could go home for the day or week-end very easily, at the same time realizing that we have a viable airport in Worcester.

Don't get us wrong a contest appealing to college students is a good idea, but an every day low rate for a flight that is in trouble for students would be even better.....   


Common Sense said…
If you include the start and end of school, Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring break your looking at four flights per school year. That doesn't include parent's weekend. Also students with resources like to fly down to NYC during long weekends.Maybe during the orientation sessions a representative of Massport could spend two minutes talking about the airlines and flight options at ORH. It's inexcusable that a daily flight (on Jetblue's small plane) can't get 100% loads after a few years of service here. JFK is one of the largest International airports in the world offering travelers from Worcester a vast amount of connections. The fact that Jetblue won't change flight times to make this flight more appealing makes me question their long-term commitment to our airport. Seems like they're doing the bare minimum to placate Massport.