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Bashing Airport???

Sick of people saying we "bash" the airport here???

"Don Simpson" and the other fake accounts who obviously have a vested interested in ORH, whether the loads are 0 or 100% , need to give it a break.

We want Worcester Airport to big a true reliever airport for Logan.  Right now we are very far from that and in all honestly the numbers/services we provide need to get much better!!

The truth is the truth--sorry....  


Anonymous said…
My trip report: ORH-FLL


I left right from my office to the airport to catch the 5PMish flight for a board meeting. There was a flight taking off as I drove up the hill, and one disembarking as I entered the airport after parking (across the street-awesome!). There were people filling the gate that were on my flight. I've never seen ORH so busy! Very encouraging. Many folks were taking a cruise out of FLL the next day, so maybe CRUISE LINES ARE RECOMMENDING ORH? Some folks were from the area but not super close to Worcester THAT WOULD BE A GREAT MARKETING STRATEGY, ORH.

I got there about 10 min before boarding. after getting in a decent day's work. Try that at Logan.

The plane was FULL. Lead flight attendant was funny, which was good because of the BAD I'm going to describe.

The BAD: We were delayed for 2 hrs, 45 minutes because a lens cover on a taxi light was cracked. We could fly with it and it could be fixed later, but it still had to be logged by a mechanic, and ORH has no mechanics. It took almost 3 hours to get a mechanic to ORH and do some paperwork and get us cleared. I missed my dinner with a friend in So Florida that I figured was a good excuse to come in a night early due to this being the only flight out of ORH and I needed to arrive Sat. Cost me a hotel room to do nothing but check in and sleep. As I said, at least the flight attendant was a comedienne. Passengers loved her.

MORE GOOD: Flight back to Worcester was seamless and came in adore 15 minutes early. I easily made a 5 PM meeting in Worcester and a 7PM dinner. Even with all of the flight options to BOS, this would have been impossible almost no matter which return flight I took after a morning meeting.

BAD: This return flight was only about 25% full. You do have to carry your bags from the closest parking up a stairway, but I only carry on anyway. If you have large or multiple bags, park at the other lot on the upper level and you can pull them along the sidewalk. A tad longer walk.

THE VERDICT: Even with the almost 3 hour delay on the ORH tarmac for a tricky tack lens cover issue and no mechanic to file a report, it was still less total travel time than an on time round trip BOS-FLL flight, and certainly MUCH less stress (essentially, stress free). May parking bill after a 4 night stay was only $28! Less than one day at Logan in central parking and no long walk, jet bridge etc.

I'm doing again next week, this time to a conference in Orlando.

Anonymous said…
One more BAD: A few dozen people at this meeting in So Florida that I flew to were from New England and are frequent travelers like me. They ALL flew out of Logan to get there and only 1 of them even knew that Worcester was an option (and didn't take it because the time of the flight sucked, electing to fly in the next morning direct from Boston and save the hotel night.)

Common refrain: "Worcester has an airport?" All from people a short drive from Worcester.
Anonymous said…
I just did a round trip Worcester-Orlando for a business trip and both flights were on time and the experience was great.

The flight to MCO on a Friday afternoon was nearly full (maybe 5 extra legroom seats empty) and the return flight (mid-day in the middle of the week) was about 30% full, max.

ORH to MCO was on the small jet (4 seats wide) and the return was on the larger jet (6 seats wide)

All in all a superior experience to Logan airport.

Anonymous said…
Good news: JetBlue will change the times of the New York flight after lifting the suspensions at ORH. Now the JFK-ORH flight will leave at 8 and get to ORH at 9.