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Allegiant Returns to Massachusetts, Boston Not Worcester

Sorry there is nothing good happening right now with Worcester Airport.    

  1.  2 direct flights per day to Florida that we have has over 5 years that average 80 percent loads.   After 5 years we really though that we had more flights, maybe the larger plane or a Gulf Coast destination
  2. One flight to American's hub in Philly and one flight to Delta's hub in Detroit that are struggling  (mid 60's loads).   Considering these are 50 seat planes, this is not a good spot to be at in (the mid 60's).    Carriers look closely at loads at these levels.
  3. One flight to JetBlue's hub at JFK that is doing worse then struggling  (under 50% load).    There is no way this flight can continue with these loads.   There is just no way..... 

For a very long time now we have suggesting a Low Cost Carrier flying direct to leisure destinations like:

  1. Florida
  2. Myrtle Beach
  3. Puerto Rico

One of the carriers we constantly mention is Allegiant.   We have some great news they have returned to Massachusetts, but they are going to Boston not Worcester   Here are the destinations and introductory fares:

  • Grand Rapids, Michigan: Flights begin May 7, with one-way fares starting at $33. 
  • Asheville, North Carolina: Flights begin May 8, with one-way fares starting at $33. 
  • Knoxville, Tennessee: Flights begin May 8, with one-way fares starting at $33. 
  • Destin/Fort Walton Beach, Florida: Flights begin May 14, with one-way fares starting at $33.

Just can not believe Massport could not somehow leverage Allegiant wanting to come to Boston into one Allegiant flight to  St Pete's or Myrte Beach.   

Worcester Airport is in a bad place right now and we really need to do something and not just wait for flights to pull out .....   


Anonymous said…
Advertise on the Mass Pike and elsewhere. People I speak with are shocked and surprised the these flights are departing from Worcester.
Anonymous said…
Build the airport access road
Advertise the airport
Offer free on airport parking
Use only planes that can us the new landing system and advertise it
Unknown said…
Appeal to some of the new investors in the Worcester renovation projects in town to put funds in to promoting , advertising and generating a positive buzz about Worcester airport! It should be a major focal point for upscale commuters to use for private planes, private helicopters and easy access on several direct flights like Jet Blue to JFK. We need a major ad campaign show how convenient the airport is! Road access is a little tricky but an ad campaign can show a few of the routes and the convenience. Also promote the safety factor for families that are concerned about traveling with kids and having less hassle and smaller more controlled environment. Big issue these days for family travel.
I used to do major ad campaigns for the country’s largest shopping centers and broke all records on increasing traffic and driving sales. Time to do some major promotional media by the folks that benefit the most. Local retailers, airline companies and Worcester investors!!
Anonymous said…
They need a FL west coast destination. Punta Gorda, Sarasota or FT. Myers. If all else fails, turn airport into a Motorsport venue.
Anonymous said…
Why do we keep fooling ourselves and hold on to unrealizable hopes.

Access Road, Access Road, Access Road... We want a Field of Dreams? “If you build it they will come.” Look at all the development that is happening or planned in Worcester now. Polar Park is an investment—-not so much in itself, but in all the ancillary development and positive buzz attracting new business and many other projects.

Commit to making Worcester Airport a true relief and complimentary airport to Logan rather than just hoping Logan’s flight crumbs fall off the table and land at Worcester airport. Massport, Massachusetts and Worcester need to step up and invest and commit to making the airport what Rhode Island, Providence, New Hampshire and Manchester did for their airports.

Local, state and Massport officials and politicians need to pull their heads out of the sand and say what Worcester airport has really been to date—-even with Massport ownership and all the investments made—-a failure. Then they have to roll out a REAL plan to change that—-and put their $ where their mouths are.
Anonymous said…
Crosstown traffic hampers access.

Don't get me wrong - have flown a dozen times from ORH.

But I live close. ...

....Otherwise, I"d just go to Logan or PVD.
Anonymous said…
Allegiant was already here and left. What were the years?
David Z. said…
They were here for less than a year in 2006 when the city owned / operated the airport. Now that MassPort owns it, I was hopeful they would come back to ORH.