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We Are Right Again: FLL Time Change To Morning

For a very long time, we have said that the two Florida flights need to change to an early morning departure.    Happy to say in June, Fort Lauderdale will depart 6:29AM.

By doing this we should see an increase in sales, between people wanting to have a full day in Florida and those making connections!    Now this increase in ticket sales may force JetBlue to bring in their new Airbus (150 seats), versus the Embraer (100 seats).    Not only is this a much more comfortable plane, but Jetblue can offer more competitive pricing with the Airbus, versus the Embraer.  

Lets hope that the Orlando schedule changes to early morning.    

Over the past few months this is the 2nd time, our observations have become a reality.   The other being Rectix was not a good fit for Worcester and that they would nver ever get the proposed Worcester-Baltimore-Sarasota flight off the ground.   Not only did this never happen, but their Cape Cod commercial services have ended.   

And we were right when we predicted that they would be sold to Rosss Aviation...       


Anonymous said…
The change to a morning FLL flight is a winner. I wish it happened this month, when I need to go there.
Dylan said…
What does suck about this schedule change is JFK pushes back an additional 30 minutes which during the morning rush is a good handful of flights you can no longer make out of JFK. For example, connecting to PBI and RSW from ORH will no longer be possible. After the morning rush the consistent good connection options out of JFK don't really come back until mid afternoon to which there is no flight at ORH to make them anyways. Disappointing to say the least the lack of effort put into making the only CAT III connection service we have work.