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Neeleman To Base Moxy In His Hometown--Salt Lake City

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Moxy made a big splash earlier this year when it confirmed an order for 60 Airbus A220-300s.

Now they have 1) HQ and 2) planes
All that is left is routes!!!!!

Worcester would be perfect....    Their business plan is to 

" Moxy plans to offer point-to-point flights from smaller secondary airports"  

One more tidbit

 David Neeleman has always maintained his new airline, codenamed Moxy, would begin flying in 2021. But with its 60 Airbus A220s not slated to begin delivering until 2021, it was looking to be a slow start. However, now Neeleman plans to boost initial capacity through the acquisition of Azul’s cast-off Embraer aircraft.

Azul’s fleet renewal means aircraft for Moxy

As reported by Bloomberg yesterday, Neeleman has revealed plans to rotate the used Embraer E195s from Azul into a new fleet to get Moxy off the ground. Azul took delivery of its first E195-E2 yesterday, at a grandiose ceremony with smoke and lasers.