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JetBlue Expanding in Boston

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Think JetBlue already has over 200 departures out of Boston and they are adding more, while Worcester is stuck at 3.   It simply make no sense to us!!!    If you really want to make Worcester a reliver airport for Boston , we need flights!!  

The one that really kills us is JetBlue is planningh up to 10 flights per day to JFK.  Meanwhile we have 1????    What if they did 9 per day from Boston and 2 from Worcester.      

Right now we are stuggling with this one flight because we only have one departure!  If we had a mid-day turn, it would help the route tremendously!!   Instead we will have this one flight that can not succeed with loads in the 60% range providing no relief to Boston???  .

Simply don't get it..     JetBlue and Delta are having an a war in Boston and neither of them see Worcester as a battlefield that will help them???