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Biggest Problem At ORH: “I’m proud of my team’s effort today.”

These are the infamous words spoken by Patriot Coach Rod Rust.   In 1990, after losing in week 14 to Pittsburgh 24-3 making their record 1-13, Coach Rust said these infamous words and he was done.   He coached the last two weeks of the year, this one quote marked the end of the Rod Rust era.  

Although Worcester has come a long way, we here are our not proud of ORH today.    Honestly kind of tired of mgmt and local pols saying how great we are doing??  Although we do have 3 major legacy carriers flying out of Worcester, we only have 5 departures per day!!    That is far from great???

Maybe if we simply said something like...  

" We have come a long way but our goal in 2020 is to have 20 departures per day".

Maybe simply admitting that we have problems here and setting publicly will actually help us meet these goals.  If we keep saying all is great, we will continue to have 5 departures per day and provide no real relief for Boston.   Seriously how can one address a problem, if they do not admit there is a problem??? 

After 6 plus years owned by Massport and over $130 million invested into Worcester Airport, we are a the 1990 New England Patriots, a 1-15 football team.  We can do much better...  


molly said…
we can do better, but at the same time we can do a much better job of supporting and promoting out airport, vs complaining about it
Bill Randell said…

We are just stating facts and opinions hoping that Worcester Airport can become an asset for the taxpayers of Massachusetts, providing real relief for Logan.
Anonymous said…
Well, call me obtuse but I'm going to try ORH again. I have business trips to Ft Lauderdale and Orlando and I booked both from ORH. The last few times I used ORH (except for a trip to NYC), I got stranded, rerouted etc.

Here's hoping for better results. It really IS so much more convenient than Logan.

Unfortunately, it'll cost me an extra hotel night in both places due to the weird schedule of a flight to Florida arriving at night. If its vacation, or business don't people ALL want to arrive early so that you have the whole day and avoid a hotel expense for a night time arrival?