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Airbus 320 Out of Providence

Family emergency yesterday and part of the family had to get to Florida.   We could not get a flight out of Worcester so we booked JetBlue out of Providence.   The ride does take close to an hour, but it is a ver easy ride compared to Boston and the airport itself is beautiful.

The biggest difference, however was the Airbus 320 versus the Embraer 190.   The new Airbus seat 162 (27 rows of 6), versus 100 (25 rows of 4).      The plane itself is much more comfortable then the Embraer.  

Lets hope we get the Airbus in service to Florida soon.  

What a decision by JetBlue to go with the Airbus 320 versus the Boeing 737 Max, like SouthWest did.  Guess what airplane Neeleman has picked for Moxy???

Yep the Airbus !!!!     Amazing the CEO was able to keep his job this long!!