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These Three Cities Spent $70 Million on Stadiums to Lure Minor League Baseball Teams. They All Struck Out.

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Common Sense said…
Our stadium should come online about the same time many economists believe the economy will go into a recession. I hope the other development across the street will have something that will be a draw (movie theater, nightclubs, or unique retail options). Otherwise., this area will be dead during the off season.
David Z. said…
This article is about building stadiums for independent league teams. Worcester is building a stadium for the AAA Red Sox affiliate. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.
Common Sense said…
Worcester is not a rich town. Most of us have a certain amount of money we allocate for entertainment expenses. It's foolish to think that the new team won't negatively effect other options like the Hanover, The Palladium, the Railers, the Bravehearts and Mechanics Hall. If a new wave of restaurants and bars open in the Canal District it also might draw people away from Shrewsbury Street. It's tough to predict right now, but there will be casualties.