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United Rumor Heating Up

Before we discuss the next rumor, let's review the three Legacy carriers flying to their hubs from Worcester now:


Flies 100 seat plane, CAT III equipped, to JFK.  
Departs ORH 6AM arrives JFK 7AM
Departs JFK  11PM arrives midnight ORH
Flights struggles with 60% loads 
We need a mid-day turn
If we get a mid-day turn, this route will be a huge success


Flies 50 seat plane, not CAT III equipped, to Philadelphia
Departs PHI 2:05PM lands ORH  3:10PM
Departs ORH 6:45PM lands PHI 5:12PM
American started with two daily flights but cut back to one
This flight is actually starting to do much bettter.
We estimate loads in 70%
Hopefully this continues and American brings back the 2nd flight


This flight just started with a 50 seat plane, not CAT III equipped, to Detroit

August    Departs ORH 6:00AM lands DET 7:50AM
                Departs DET  8:10PM  land ORH 9:50 PM
Sept        Departs DET  1:45PM lands ORH  3:41PM
               Departs ORH  4:15PM land DET 6:25PM
August schedule:        We think can be a success
September schedule:  We do not understand it at all??
Schedule needs to be August schedule


This rumor is starting to look like it will be a reality.
Not ready to say it is a lock yet, but getting very close
We know it will be a 50 seat plan, not CAT III 
Here is our wish list:
  1. Chicago or DC, not Newark
  2. Two flights per day
  3. First flight to start before the end of the year


Maybe having all these Legacy carriers here will make them compete against each other for market share and not just be here as a favor for Massport?     Look at us as an actual market where they can gain market share!!
  1. JetBlue bring in a 2nd mid-day turn to JFK.
  2. American adds a 2nd flight Philly
  3. Delta has a schedule that makes sense


molly said…
on the cate 3, you say not and note, pls advise
molly said…
slow but steady progress, that's a really good thing
Anonymous said…
You want to be a success, offer flights that work for everyone!! I would use Worcester more often, but 1 flight a day in or out, just doesn't work. Ridership would be much higher if they had more options...duh!!!ight Worcester is a beautiful Airport. As a Business Traveler, I need more flexibility. As a Leisure Traveler with kids, I like to have a few more options for times of travel. There is no reason why it hasn't already happened!!!
Anonymous said…
We need a Chicago flight
Anonymous said…
JetBlue needs a JFK return flight earlier than midnight....

As for the rest, lack of Cat-III tells me the other airlines are not serious about ORH....