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Loads To Fort Lauderdale And Orlando This Week-End Look Great

We have one "cheerleader" on Twitter that calls any constructive criticism as being negative.

"Don Simpson", who follows 10 people, seems to be very interested in anything we post???  
 We decided to look at Florida flights this week-end and they look great, over 90% loads!!  JetBlue to Florida has worked now for over 5 years.      We still believe, however, that JetBlue should:

  1. Bring in the bigger plane and change to an early morning departure
  2. Add other Florida or Puerto Rico destinations

How is that for reporting for full flights???
How that exactly helps the JFK flight which is flying at loads in the 40% range???

To be very clear for "Don Simpson":

  1. JetBlue flights to Florida are doing great, but could even be doing better.    
  2. Our JFK  flight is not doing well and not getting better.    This is a problem that needs to be addressed, since route loads like this end up being cancelled..