Fiscal 2023 DIF Account

Madison Property LDA: Environmental Matters

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12.  Environmental Matters

.... All agreements reached beween the Parties will be subject to an agreement on environmental maters in a manner that is satisfactory to all Parties including, but not limited, with respect to the assessment and remediation of the Disposal Sites....


When you consider the contamination we have seen at the former Telegram site on Franklin or the current site of the new WRTA Building....   This will interesting to see this agreement. 

I worked on the LDA between the Town of Holden and Berkshire Hathaway when Berkshire gave us the former Reed/Rico building in the Holden Industrial Park to the Town of Holden.    Not close to as complicated at this site and it took alot of work.

The details in the LDA and the Private-Public Development Agreeement are going to make or break this deal for the taxpayers.