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Delta To Detroit Doing Well, What Will September Schedule Change Do?

Delta started this month to Detroit and is doing pretty well with their current schedule:

6:00AM  depart Worcester
7:50 AM   arrive Deroit

8:10 PM depart Detroit
9:50  PM arrive Worcester

Exactly what the loads are on these 50 seat planes?   We do not know.  From what we have seen the loads are at least 60% maybe even higher, which is pretty dam good for the first month....

We are still concerned, however about the new schedule starting in September:

1:45 PM   depart Detroit
3:41 PM    arrives Worcester

4:15 PM    depart Worcester
6:25 PM    arrive Detroit

Just do not see how this can do well arriving in Detroit at 6:25PM.   Maybe Delta will reassess this now that it looks like the current schedule is doing pretty well???   Lets hope soo!!!    Especially in light of the battle going on in Boston between JetBlue and Delta, it only makes sense for Delta to not only keep the current schedule but to add mid-day turn.

***FOOTNOTE:  We are still hearing the rumors about United coming to Worcester... 



Common Sense said…
I think Massport has something in the works because they're opening up (putting jetways in) gates 3 and 4.