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Delta Schedule Change--Why????


6:00AM  depart Worcester
7:50 AM   arrive Deroit

8:10 PM depart Detroit
9:50  PM arrive Worcester

We wish it was Atlanta, not Detroit, but with their CAT III equipped planes we can see this route growing steadily and being successful.

*** Correction the plane is only CAT II equipped.  We did not know that!,


1:45 PM   depart Detroit
3:41 PM    arrives Worcester

4:15 PM    depart Worcester
6:25 PM    arrive Detroit

Just do not see how this route can be successful with these times
Arriving at 6:45PM in Detroit really makes no sense.



Dylan said…
They're already starting with claiming the flights are doing well. They claim there were 6 empty seats on the inaugural but my source at the airport said the flight only had a handful of people on it. They very well may have misunderstood it as 6 total seats. This service is doomed.