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People In Boston, How About A Little Help??

Anyone check out the news from Logan Airport yesterday?   
There were two dominant stories.

1) long lines and delays 
2) 5 year construction project

We love this next picture and should show a comparison picture at ORH at the same time.

Meanwhile at Massport "reliever" airport (Worcester), that Massport bought and has invested over $120 million taxpayer  dollars,  there no lines to park, no lines to check in, no TSA lines but only  5 outbound flights per day.    Logan, on the other hand, has more like 1500+ outbound flights per day.  

Putting another way you can sit at Sullivan's and during the time it takes to eat one hot dog, you can
watch 5 flights fly over head.   That is the activity at Massport's "reliever" airport for the entire day.

It gets worse..    We heard a rumor that United may be looking at Worcester??  The last thing we need is another legacy carrier flying once per day to their hub just to get more out of Massport in Boston/Logan.

We need
  1. Direct flights to leisure destinations on the Gulf Coast, Puerto Rico and Myrtle  Beach.  
  2. JetBlue to add a 2nd mid-day turn to JFK.
  3. JetBlue to bring in the Airbus to Florida with early mornig departure.
  4. American to bring back their 2nd flight to American and have CAT III planes
  5. Delta to keep their August schedule arriving in Detroit early not after 6PM.

People of Boston how about a little help??   Demand more flights to Worcester to make your  trip to Logan better!!!     

We need your help.   


Unknown said…
Add a Jacksonville Fl. flight and I'd fly more often