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We Are Not Cheerleaders, Just The Facts

We have had to bring this before, but here we go again.   

FlyORH wants Worcester Airport to be a an asset to the taxpayers.   Although we have come a long way, we do not feel 4 flights per day is providing the relief Logan needs  or providing the return that the taxpayers deserve on their investment into Worcester Airport.

That does not mean we do not think this will happen.  On the contrary, we are positive that Worcester Airport will be a huge suceess.  Until this becomes a reality, however, we will point out when things are not working and applaud when things are working.

We have one follower on Twitter,  Don Simpson (5 followers), who refers to all of our tweets as "complaints", while never addressing anything.    To be clear "Don",  American's load factor to Philadelphia does seem to be getting better and we guesstimate the loads to be below 70%,  not 80%.   

Evidently "Don Simpson",   has access to AA bookings????

For the record, since none of these numbers are being made public it is pretty hard for us to report on the increased bookings.      We would be happy to share this news, however,  if it was provided.   Even taking improved loads into consideration, we do feel American should service Worcester with planes that can take advantage of our CAT III landing system to avoid cancellations/diversions.

JetBlue to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando continues to be strong , while JFK struggles..  Currently JetBlue has an average load factor for all their flights are in the low 80's.   We meet or exceed this number to Florida, but are more like 60% to JFK.  Again we would post the exact numbers if we had them.

August 2nd we start flights with Delta to Detroit.  Right now advance sales not looking good and the schedule changes September to a 6:45 PM arrival in Detroit???   We just do not seeing this flight having any change of of having good loads for Delta.  Hope we are wrong!

"Don Simpson" can continue to call us complainers, we will continue to call them as we see them.  


Anonymous said…
I arrived last night to Logan (Sunday night) at 9 pm. It took us 45 minutes to just GET OUT OF LOGAN. On A Sunday Night. The traffic through the airport was horrendous. Its only getting worse month after month. This was a vacation trip, not business, which I do at least twice a month, sometimes 5 times a month. Even though there weren't the same time constraints with a business trio, having 3 cranky kids doing this was no fun. If we could have landed in Worcester, we'd be home in 15 minutes-not the 2 hours it took ON A SUNDAY NIGHT from Logan.

Worcester clearly has great potential to be a reliever to Logan, but Massport doesn't really seem to care. MASSPORT-stop wasting time punishing Boston residents from using Uber and Lyft and start serving customers who apy the bills. Make it easier on families to fly by using Worcester airport a LOT more.