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Our Comments On Telegram Column On New Delta Flights

Here were some interesting parts:

  • "We'vw seen about 60 percent load factors" said Masspor Director of Aviation Ed Frenni

Last time we mentioned Mr Frenni on this blog was when Delta made their announcement to start Worcester to Detroit service last fall.   Check his comments 3 minutes in:

Note these two points in this video:
  1. Alot of stuff going on in Logan that Delta is interested in, not Worcester.. 
  2. Probably be two flights per day out of Worcester
Sure seems Delta is flying out of Worcester only to get more at Logan?
What happened to the 2nd flight from Worcester to Detroit?

Mr Frenni goes on in the Telegram about how the agency has commissioned billboard advertisements in Central Massachusetts.    Honestly we have not seen any, but we were told about one??    Hartford and Providence advertise more on the billboards in Central Mass than Massport does for Worcester.

Our take is that the loads could every easily be 60% with the August schedule even with one flight, since it is an early morning departure with late afternoon return.    The new schedule starting in September with flights arriving in Detroit after 6:00PM is going to kill this flight.


Jan said…
Worcester gets the worst time slots for flights. We get the leftovers. I thought we were supposed to be reducing overcrowding of flights at Logan?