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JetBlue Schedule Changes Around The Country

From Motley Fool

"After these changes, JetBlue will offer near-hourly "shuttle" service between Boston and Reagan Airport, with up to 15 daily flights. 

It will also fly four times a day to Orlando and six times a day to Fort Lauderdale. 

The rest of its slots will support flights once or twice a day to various leisure markets, mainly in Florida or the Caribbean."

Think about that!! 
From Boston, JetBlue will have daily:

  • 15 flights to Reagan
  • 4 flights to Orlando
  • 6 flights to Fort Lauderdale

In case you wondering if you wanted to get to NYC from Boston tomorrow:
  • 5 flights to JFK
  • 6 flight to LaGuardia
  • 6 flights to Newark
Over 40 flights per day to these 4 locations from Boston with JetBlue.      

Meanwhile the "reliever airport" owned also by Massport 40 miles away in Worcester with over 100 million invested infrastructure, including over 30 million into a CAT III landing system, has 3 per day to the same locations.