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Goddard Memorial On Gooddard Drive Should Be Inside The Airport

We have actually pulled over and read through this memorial to Robert Goddard.  It is very interesting but not in a user friendly location.

It really should be placed inside the airport so more people can see and enjoy it.    


The monument is a 12 foot wide, 10 sided polygonal structure with 8 panels that are printed with text and images showing the life of Dr. Goddard, his wife Esther, and their contributions to the birth of the space age. The panels surround a 10 foot high stylized stainless steel rocket and launch gantry. The design reflects the association's desire for a monument that is both an elegant tribute to Dr. Goddard, and an educational resource for visitors to the site. The monument was designed by Joseph Miglionico, and the panels were researched and written by Barbara Berka of the Goddard Memorial Association. Text sources for the panels were: "The Papers of Robert H. Goddard," Goddard & Pandrey, McGraw Hill, 1970; "This High Man," Milton Lehman, Farrar Strauss & Co., 1963; The Telegram & Gazette; Goddard Collection Archives, Clark University; WPI Special Collections; NASA. Photos and diagrams were obtained with permission from Clark University, NASA and WPI. The panel layout and typography was done by Michael Hannigan, the monument was constructed by KayGee Signs and Graphics Company, Auburn, MA.
The Robert Goddard Monument was dedicated on May 12, 2006. Visit the monument and learn of Goddard's important contributions to the world. Discover that through Goddard's pioneering inventions Worcester is truly the Birthplace of the Space Age!



Fav1Dad said…
I find it ironic that Worcester wants to claim to be the birthplace of modern rocketry, yet the city refused to allow Dr. Goddard to fly his rocket there.
Sorry Worcester, Auburn owns that honor!
Bill Randell said…
Auburn owning the honor is fine by me. Our point is this monument is really good and would get alot more exposure if it were to be placed inside the actual terminal.