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Delta To Detrot: An Evening Of Art And Celebration

Received this email today.
Maybe we can find out 

1)   What happened to the 2nd Detroit flight?
2)    Why are we changing the schedule September 1st to arrive at the Delta hub in Detroit after 6PM?   

Think about that ...      A flight that is intended to be a connecting flight to a hub arriving after 6PM?


ggees said…
This is the problem with Worcester Flights.. How can they expect to be successful with all late flights. Vacationing folks, don't want to get to their destinations late at night, as it wastes an entire first day of vacation. Getting to a hub that late for a transfer, limits the number of connecting flights. There has to be a reason Jet Blue and Delta are doing this. It's certainly mot a move that will make the airport successful.
molly said…
bookings are looking excellent, even after the time changes in Sept. but this gets ignored by the complainiacs
molly said…
bookings would say your are 100% wrong, people said the same thing about jetblue when they started in 2013
Bill Randell said…
How can we ignore something that we do not know, "that bookings are looking excellent". Flights times to Florida, which for the most part are to final destinations are completely different than a flight that is a connector flight, which Detroit is.
Unknown said…
Last time I tried to fly Jet Blue back from JFK (July 11), 10:45 pm flight was delayed 2x (12:50 and 2:30 am) and then cancelled. Long story short, we had to make our way to Port Authority and wait all night to try to get on a bus going back to Worcester. When we did finally get back, had to get a cab to airport to pick up our car. Not doing that again!